Film is a language spoken all over the world. A unique combination of words, pictures, movement and sound, introducing great possibilities of communication.

New techniques have made the language of film available to everyone, offering new tools and expressions, especially for schools. Let students convey their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge through animated films. Explore film from the first syllable. Seize the thought. Animate It!

Erling Ericsson is an animator and TV producer. He has been working with children for over twenty years, teaching them to make animated film, and developing a pedagogical model for filmmaking, which has spread all over the world.

This is how it works. On top of the animation box there is a digital video camera with an animation function. The camera exposes three frames every time you press the red button on the remote control. You move your objects or pictures a little bit and press the button again. Press – move – press – move. After a while take a look at your film. Watch the film again and record your sound at the same time. Easy!

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